Mysql 5 Only?

Why am i only able to make mysql 5 db’s now.

A script im running will only work on 4.1 and i remember there used to be an option to choose 5 or 4 and now there isnt(or i cant find it)

Could someone please help me out. I just need to create a mysql 4.1 db via the dreamhost panel.

thanks so much,

I think what you are “remembering” is the ability to choose PHP 5 or PHP 4 - IIRC Dreamhost has never offered more than one version of MySQL, and it was upgraded to MySQL 5 quite some time ago.

I don’t know of any way to run MySQL 4 on DH at present. :frowning:


Ahhhh your so right, thanks for helping me figure that out.

damn thats a HUGE bust that earlier versions of mysql cannot be used. this is a big problem for me.

It’s probably not as big a problem as you think, as most MySQL applications that run on MySQL4 will run just fine on MySQL5, just not the other way araound (MySQL 5 code running on MySQL 4).

Many applications that say they “require” MySQL 4, are older applications, that really should say that they require at least MySQL 4, or were written before MySQL 5 was released. Often an application that says it requires MySQL 4 really means that it can’t run on MySQL 3 :wink: .

I say you should contact the author of the application, or check for an updated version, or just try it with PHP 5 - it will probably work just fine.