MySQL 5 and IPB 1.3

I’m adept in designing for the Invision Power Board 1.3 platform, and am in need of it to work. Unfortunately, it isn’t completely compatible with MySQL 5. Is there any way to fix this beyond correcting the code throughout?

Maybe an option to use a different version of MySQL upon creating the databases?

The only two ideas I have are:

  1. Beg support to set up a MySQL 4.1 db for you.
  2. Upgrade to IPB 2.2


I’ve been advised against IP.Board 2.2 as well, as it also has compatibility issues with MySQL 5.

Is there no way to do this on my own, or do I really need to ask support to set me up a MySQL 4.1 db for me?

This Link seems to suggest otherwise. Maybe you should try asking on the IPB forums (where you would get official support) instead of here? Just a thought.
You might also be interested in this thread, which covers what appears to be some fairly simple steps to make your IPB 1.3 forums compatible with MySQL 5.x. Maybe you’ve tried that already? I dunno…

Otherwise, if the IPB forums can’t get it working for you, then you will indeed have to contact DH support and request you be moved to a MySQL 4.x database.

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You’d actually need to log into the client center and submit a ticket… IPS don’t offer support on their forums, too messy.

My guess is they’d need to also purchase a licence since it’s now a paid for app since 1.3 which i wouldn’t recommend using since it’s probably got a lot of unclosed security issues as it’s such an old app.