MySQL 5.7


I think it would be great if MySQL would be upgraded to 5.7. A JSON data type was introduced which allow direct query into the JSON keys in a cell.



With MySql 5.7, schema changes can be performed with less downtime, with more online configuration options. And there’s native support for the JSON data type which allows for storage, search and manipulation of schema-less data!!

Unfortunately, I don’t think DH has an MySQL 5.7 upgrade on their to-do list :frowning: :frowning:


would it make more sense to switch to mariadb or percona? is it really still mysql?


Those aren’t offered by Dreamhost right? I too would like to see MySQL 5.7.8 to allow me to use the new JSON data type.


MariaDB and Percona are not offered by DH, unless you sign up for DreamCompute. As a temporary solution, I spun up a DreamCompute instance and I now host all of my databases there.

Dreamhost: Do you have any plans to upgrade the shared hosting/MySQL VPS to MySQL 5.7?


This needs to happen please. JSON is a VERY common datatype for storing, searching and passing data within applications. Plus 5.7 has a lot of new security functionality.


Is there a DH support person checking this posting? I haven’t seen an update on the upgrade. Can someone from DH please reply and let us know the plans.