I am very new to this process. In fact, I just created my account with DreamHost 2 days ago, so I may be asking my question in vain. Nonetheless, I’m trying to get a very simple home page set on my new site and I keep getting redirected to Does this simply mean that my domain name is too new? Or does it mean that
I’m transferring my files into the wrong section in the FTP folders? (This could be the problem.) Like I said before, I’m certain there is a simple solution to my question, so I appreciate your time!

And just an fyi, I have changed my site to be fully hosted.


If you’re transferring your site here and using the same domain name, then it’ll take a few (up to five) days.

When you create a Fully Hosted site, your FTP home directory will have a folder where you need to put your site content.



Thanks for the response. It appears that the support team is able to access my site, so I guess it may just be my browser(s). And I’m glad that you told me that my home directory is the folder. That’s where I’ve place my site content thus far. Now, I guess it’s just a waiting game.