MyDoom Filter?

Did DH remove the filter today?

I got 45 emails today that seemed to fit the profile and had an attached *.zip or *.src or *.cmd file.

Until today, I had only received two.

Some were apparently sent to me, but many were sent to names like Alex or John They made it into my in-box because I have everything forward to it.

This is a new worm and / or a new MyDoom variant.

If you turn on the filters under Mail in the web panel, you’ll block a lot of it. These emails are the result of new or variant of the mydoom worm, as will said. Even if the mydoom filters were still in place, they’re not set to look for these variants. The mail filter should get smarter as the days go by and catch the known variants.

I’ll give that a try.

Thanks for the help.

My webmail inbox is a lot cleaner today.

One question about the folders that Razor uses: dh-spam, dh-unblocked-spam, dh-blocked-nonspam… do I have to create those in Squirrelmail to see what’s going into them? If I do, are they simply sub-folders of INBOX?

You should just have to subscribe to them by going to the “Folders” page and at the bottom they should appear in the “Unubscribe/Subscribe” section.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS


It says that there are no folders to subscribe to.

I do have the option of unsubscribing any/all of my existing folders.

I have one folder called ‘spam’ where I was collecting Nigerian business opportunities (you know, for my retirement), but that’s not the same name as the razor-designated spam folder, so I wouldn’t think it would be a problem.

Any other ideas?