Mydomain users email accounts


ok prob. dont know what im talking about, but years ago i used to use a site called they offered free email accounts for my domain so other people could have a email add. at my domain. Is there anywhere I can still do this or is they a cheap enough script out there that does this as well? hope that made sense…


The last time I checked, no longer offerred the service for “free”. DH used Big Mail Box for a while, but I think that has gone away also.

You can always “manually” set up as many email boxes as you want on your DH account, but I’m not aware of a “free for anyone” provider you can set your MX to like in the “old days”. You can probably thank the spam-meisters for that; I know I wouldn’t want to share an email server with anyone who was passing out “free email” programatically!

All it takes is one idiot to get the shared server blacklisted / blocked, then we are all screwed. Bad enough as it is, with AOL blocking the occasional DH server off and on/ from time to time as it is.