now not showing after SSL

Hello and thanx in advance for any advice.
Recently I moved my site to Dreamhost for hosting. I remember now why I hate moving sites and hadn’t done so in about 8 or more years.

At Dreamhost, I had set up using an index.html for the main section,with another section for ecommerce at Cafecommerce All of it was working the way it was supposed to; it was now time to obtain the SSL o 1-7-12. I was told that had to be done through the cafecommerce side after customer support conferred with a colleague.

I verified in live chat that I would still have showing and cafe commerce catalog running if I did the set up as they said. I was told yes.

That didn’t work. All I had was my catalog on cafecommerce. I had no more I could access - only through an ftp program. I wrote customer support and was told on 1-7-12 "There was a misconfiguration in your DNS that we have corrected. Once that information has propagated, your store should load just fine. "

That didn’t work either. On 1-8-12, I was told by customer support - [b]"So unfortunately there’s no way for us to set up your ‘index.htm’ page in
front of your CafeCommerce store like how you would like. Unfortunately
due to the way CafeCommerce works you can only have the CafeCommerce page show up when visiting, - there’s no way for us to change this behavior I’m sorry.

What you will want to do is use something like “"
for your CafeCommerce store, and then set up with that ‘index.htm’ file you were trying to use before.”[/b]

And I did - following their directions to manage the domain - and to add te domain, but it kept giving me an error saying that site was already hosted.

On 1-9-12, I contacted support again, told them of this issue, I still had no site functioning now and they said[b] "I went ahead and switched to “fully hosted” so your site will default to your custom content. Please allow at least 4 hours for the DNS to propagate.

I also would like to note that you will need to re-purchase the SSL
certificate since you are going to be using a sub-domain for your
e-commerce site." [/b] Which I did and waited all night.

That didn’t work either. Now when you enter, you saw CafeCommerce saying “No store at that address”

The ONLY time I can come close to finding my is if I type in the IP address; then I see one of my beginning index.html for the changes on the site.

I really think it is something being overlooked with the different people helping me in customer support. All have been quite polite in customer service, but this has turned into an on going snafu. I’ve been at this so many days, my brain isn’t wrapping into this enough to figure out what is wrong.

This is the longest I have ever had one of my websites down in (if you include my years of running BBS’s over 30 years. lol So yes, my stress level is a bit high at present.

Any advice would sorely be appreciated on what should be my next steps to get my site back on line and get on with business.

Thanx in advance.

I see your dns information is pointing to DH servers so you may want to contact DH support. It is possible the change just isn’t propagating over the interwebs though. It can take up to 24 hours. I show the no store at that address too.

Also instead of paying monthly for something like cafecommerce you might want to look into opencart. There are a lot of great (free!) ecommerce solutions out there. You are already paying for web hosting, why pay more for something you can get for free and have total control? That’s just my personal opinion :slight_smile:

Ryo-ohki -

Thanx for the reply. Anthony from DH got with me and said the systems wasn’t releasing the static IP - and after he worked on it and it propagated, my site was back on line. Lol I gave him the link to this thread,so I wouldn’t have to retype and/or “splain” all the previous steps once again.

As for cafecommerce - your opinion is valid and so is your point. After consideration of this going from a 3 and 4 person operation down to just me, due to family illnesses,brain surgeries and advanced age, I did choose the cafecommerce. It is simple enough that my computer illiterate daughter will be able to work from another state when I need her, so I can concentrate more on the work end of the operation. Hopefully she’ll get over her fear of computers and at a later date we can look at going another route.

Thanx for your answer. Nuttin like being a newbie to a forum while waiting for customer support or a helpful individual to answer! :wink: