My Wordpress site is hacked too

My site was hacked yesterday. I’m using the lastest Wordpress (3.2.1)
I edited the files and remove the bad code.

But today is back, there’s a hidden iframe on the code, it’s back, this is the code

I googled the site but no result.

Yesterday there were a lot of links too, these:

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No luck on Google too. Could not find any help or why this is happening.

Does anyone have a clue? What can I do to stop it?


I don’t deal with WordPress much but there are something you must do.

  • make sure your config files are read only
  • most of the open source apps come with an installer script and suggest you to remove the install directory after installation
  • check your log files
  • check your bash history

Hope you can find some clues.

The suggestions from patricktan are good, but if you don’t know what some of those things are like bash history, you’ll need to read through a few blogposts I recommend.

this is good:
This too:

you might need to adjust a few things, the 2nd article is a few years old but most of it still holds water and its recommended. Also make sure you follow the instructions on installation so that all the permissions are set properly. If this keeps happening, I would even restrict access to the admin only to your IP Address so only you can loginto the admin panel.

Hope this helps.