My websitres are down after moving to so-called new data centres

Can you please look into my website, which has been down serveral times in a day after supposedly an improvement would happened?
Any one from Dreamhost helping?

Sorry for the delay! We’re looking into your tickets and should have a reply for you soon! Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation. :slight_smile:

you have to purchase a dedicated server for your website!!! is our website, reply about the design and products

I’m Dream-ling with a better server, better host, better services … more consideration.
What a hell are you doing??

Every day my clients call me complaining about your server and you are not able to respond to my tickets … answer me.

You are no longer the dreamhost for me are the nightmarehost.

Hello Tony,

We apologize for any delay in response! We did not forget about your ticket, our support team was investigating your issue. A support manager recently replied to you by email, you can click here to view all your support history. If you have any questions or need any further support please reply to the email sent or click here to send our support team a ticket.

Thank you for your patience,
Matt C