My website went Down because of Cloudflare enable


I am wondering why you don’t Dreamhost have a live chat enabled, I opened several tickets, but no response yet.

I was trying to enable Cloudflare via dreamhost (, dreamhost asked me to deactivate and delete my cloudflare, I did, then enabled cloudflare in dreamhost, but my website went down, can you please help.


I am getting Error 1016


I have the same problem and came here to see if there was a solution.

I enabled Cloudflare then could not access the websites. Changed the address inside the SQL (since I could not log into WordPress) but still no go. Reversed all the changes and still nothing.

And, sadly, no reply to my request for assistance. Still looking for a response and still searching on my own.


Hello @Osama_Hamad

The error that you are getting ‘Error 1016’ indicates your DNS is not being found… We will need you to submit a support ticket to see why that isn’t working. Please contact them via your web panel:

@PaulaO This could be a few different things.
The best way for us to help you is for you to submit a ticket for specific support. But you might want to check your SSL settings at CloudFlare -

Thank you!


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