My website is failed every day !? why

check it out: =
i do not know what happend but my website is fail everyday.
i though the trouble come from my internet when i just moved my website to dreamhost some day ago
but thiss problem continue repeat everyday , that i can not open my website, some time can run failed, some them www… run failed
it is not my internet because i recieve alot of complaint from visitors
it is failed everyday
actually i checked IP , server is running but my website is failed
anyone have a answer ?

Your domain,, is up, though there’s nothing in the home directory. If you just added the subdomain through the panel, it might need more time.

It would be best to submit a support ticket through the panel and have them look at it.

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but my main domain: is different to
they are 2 seperated hostíng, 1 is data storage
i created over 1 week ago but, until to now it now work at all
actually it worked, , but it failed every days, 5days ago it worked , after that it failed, and worked and failed …
i believe that may 2 reason,
it may be bandwidth limitation of dreamhost ?? however dream host SALE said me that there is not daily bandwith
it may because unstable DNS service or server or somthing else…
anyone have a right answer for my case ??
i tried to send 3 support ticket to dream host. but receive a silence !! noone answer