My Website is EXTREMELY Slow. How Do I Fix This?

My website, located at, takes FOREVER to load. It is running the same scripts as

It is a simple clan management script that connects to a MySQL database.

It seems that the database itself it taking forever to be connected to. I understand that there can be some lag, however, I have installed these scripts on several different webservers, and it usually takes 0.3 seconds to load a page.

It is currently taking anywhere between a minute to 5 to load one page. Sometimes it even times out. Can someone help me fix this?


It is quite slow. Have you checked the load on your server with an ‘uptime’ command? As a test, you could set up a subdomain with a plain .html file, and one with a simple .php file such as:

<?php echo phpinfo(); echo "\n"; ?>
And see how they load. If your server load is low, like less than 5, and the above files load quickly, then it would be a database issue which Support might be able to track down for you.


Thank you for your prompt response Scott.

Essentially what I did was change the hostname in the config.php file (the file that connects to the MySQL database) so that there was no database for it to connect to, and it takes less than a second for it to tell me that “its unable to connect to the database”. So to me, it seems as if it IS an issue with the database server or w/e.

Like I said, I’ve used this script several times, and usually the database host = “localhost”, this, however, does not work as I have to create a host for the database that USES MY DNS (, so the database connects to that, and is in turn, very very very very very very slow. The website should load at the speed of, or even FASTER THAN,

Is there something I can do to fix this, or is it something the DH team would have to fix on their side?



You’re not the only one whos having this problem. This problems also reported by myself in the ‘Batman Server/Towelie MySQL Server’ topic, with another poster posting in there too.

I wonder if DH are working on a fix, may I ask what server/mysql server you’re assigned too? not sure if this matters.

**wonders how long support tickets usually take to be responded too

I know it says give 24 hours, but I assumed that was a bit of a maximum. :frowning:

Anyways sorry for spamming the thread, was just wondering if you was on the same server as I am with the same problem.


I am on the “Batman:Towelie” Server as well :(. Maybe the entire server is having MySQL issues? It has NEVER, in my 7 Years of hosting these scripts, been anywhere NEAR this slow. It should not take more than 1 second to load, not 5 minutes.

You can always use the IP address for so you don’t have to rely on DNS - just as long as you keep an eye out for the IP address changing if you move to another SQL server. Localhost doesn’t work because “localhost” is just a webserver. Servers here are purpose-built, so they don’t run multiple services.

Bottom line is that if your SQL server is the holdup, contact Support and have them check it out.


I understand you’ve been very frustrated too. Feel free to post your experience here:

Cross posting doesn’t help at all :wink:

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All of my sites act like that too.
And I thought the cpu had timed out so I switched hosts and switched to DreamHost.
But guess what! Still a problem, sometimes the site works well but sometimes it just won’t load.

Did you register your domain at NameCheap??