My website is down from last 24 hours. No one is actively working on the issue

Hi Team,

I am not getting tech support from Dreamhost. I have been with Dreamhost from 2008.
My website is down from last 24hours and raised several tickets. No one is actively working on it.

Really frustrated with the support.
You can also check supprt history: here is my account number# 151182432


I’m suffering of a similar support problem, my ticket #8265121 is sitting there for almost 48hs, no answer until now…

okay. Is there any way we can escalate this to next level.

I wasn’t able to locate an account with the account number you provided. Do you have the ticket number, I would be happy to check on the status! It should start with an 8.

I show the ticket as being withdrawn. If you are still having issues, please contact support directly through your panel here:

This is the ticket number# #8266271 I don’t see old ticket number. They are closing tickets which are older than 24hours.

My site (a subdomain) is intermittently down, citing a ‘name not resolved’/‘server IP address cannot be found’ error each time. For the last 24 hours it’s been more down than up. Support last responded over 27 hours ago and nothing since. Dreamhost Status shows everything’s operational and yet I’m still down. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve been with DH since 2001 and haven’t ever had this issue nor this much silence from support (usually I’ll at least get a “hey, we’re still looking into this!” follow-up message at some point).

Hi @TPod
If you can get in touch with a LiveChat agent through your panel here:

They can take a closer look at the issue!

Did you check for the domain that you are using if that is mapped correctly to your hosting ?

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