My website is being blocked by work firewalls because it was deemed NFSW

My SFW webcomic site is and I’ve recently started advertising for it. I received an email today from a blogger’s site that I bid on (using Project Wonderful) and he informed me that he is not able to view my site at work because his work firewall thinks it’s a porn site. It of course now occurs to me that most sites with “teen” and “star” in the name are probably easy to peg as pornography. Without changing the name of my site and comic that I’ve been working on for the last year, is there anyway I can convince firewall services that my site is SFW? Or is this a case where I’ll just have to email the different firewalls begging to be whitelisted?

I can’t think of any other details that would be helpful, and when I search google for tips, I’m given advice about using proxys to get past my school firewall :confused:

An alternate (mirrored) URL might work for that, but the issue lies with the idiocy of those firewalls blocking keywords (I had a site with ‘ass’ in the URL - Assisted Senior Services - and my old company blocked it until I pointed out that they were idiots though I agreed the URL of was probably not the best).

There’s little YOU can do is except perhaps make an about page explaining this is NOT a naughty site, and then they can ask their office to whitelist you. Though in general, having worked for The Man before, they tend to be grumpy cat about that :frowning: