My website is a black screen :(


A friend just posted my new website to, but while it opens on his mac, where he made it, but all I get is a black screen when I open it with Explorer on my pc! I’m not sure what’s going on… are there secret files that he needed to upload from his computer? The file was built from scratch in html, and everything seems to have been transferred okay to the dreamhost server…

Any advice you can offer would be great. Thanks for your help!

Check the paths to each of your frames. I can get each one to show up by typing the frame address after your domain (for example: “” will show your home image, “http://…/menu.htm” will show your left menu, etc.).

Try take away the body tags. Hope this helps. :: ::

Yay! Taking away the body tags worked like a charm. Now I’ve got my prelim site up and running. Thanks SO MUCH for your help!!!