My website has been hacked


Help I can’t see my website. It’s been hacked!
I suspect it has to do with the events of yesterday and the servers going down for a few hours!!

The hacker has left a message on my homepage He criticize the protection of Dreamhost servers!!!

I don’t think it was a direct attack on because my website is really empty and still under construction.

I have another domain though but its working fine!

my files are there but my website opens another page i can’t see it in the directory!! all sub folders open the same page


why isn’t anybody responding to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


check your .htaccess file


Because you haven’t spent 5 seconds to use the search function in the forum or the wiki, or even Google, where you’ll find the instructions you need. No one likes to ‘help’ someone that doesn’t try to help themselves. If you are looking for that, you might try paying someone to ‘help’.


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