My website disappeared


I am probably not safe to be on the internet to be honest. But I registered a domain on dreamhost, used wordpress to make a site, parked it (thinking I needed to - to stop the world watching me edit it), then when I try to unpark it (yesterday) - a DreamHost page just says “Site not found”.

My page is still listed under domains and says fully hosted?

Is it still in the ether somewhere??


Our apologies for the late response here at our forum, but I see that our Technical Support team has reached back to you regarding the problem you were having. If you are still having issues with the site, please go ahead and reply directly back to the email. Here is a summed up copy of the ticket:

Thank you for contacting DreamHost support. I checked on the domains
service and see the issues were coming from the secure hosting. The
secure hosting was configured on another apache instance and this is
where the issues were coming from:
I have removed the secure hosting to remove the incorrect apache
configuration. I have now added it back to configure it on the correct
apache setup. I am now running the apache update for you, this will take
about 15 minutes to run. After that time you should be able to load the
site again correctly.

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