My web was deleted

I’m in Thailand
My web was deleted.
without any discuss.
The reason is my web is high traffic.
I don’t understand the step of your work.
Delete befor asking?

Please see my inbox e-mail below from technical support.

Unfortunately we had to turn off the web service because it
under a large surge of traffic, the surge is crashing the server,
If this is actual traffic that you where expecting it appears that you
may need to upgrade to our Strictly Business Enhanced plan as a shared
server plan can not accommodate these traffic loads without effecting
other customers on the same server.
you can view info on our Semi-dedicated plans here if you are interested
going this route let us know so we can check to see if there are any
available for your cluster
You can view the IPs making connections to your site by following these

Given that the site wasn’t built to handle that kind of traffic and as a result the server was crashing, are you saying that support did the right thing in getting everyone else on the server up?

Also, if your site is crashing the server, isn’t it the best thing to shut the site down until you have a chance to analyze the logs and figure out what’s causing the problem?

I guess I’m not really getting what you think the correct course of action was, given that this one site was taking down the tens or hundreds of other sites on the server? Oh, while we’re at it, it seems to me that from the message that you’ve quoted which I assume is from support, that they’ve just turned the site off until you can fix it or until you can find a more appropriate plan. By what definition is anything “deleted”?

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Totally Agree with Lensman.

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The problem is I can not do anything until now.
I can not login to my web until now 24 hr. pass.
I have no chance to analyze anything.
My ftp was deleted.
I try to see our traffic status but can not.
My web site’s members calling me every hour.

The Dreamhost staff deleted my web site before
asking. OK for save the server but it is only one
way to do? This is the way that expert done?
They can block they can ask me to
close the site ,there are many way to do but
they choose to delete first and then email to
me “Hi I deleted your site because…and you
have to pay more money”

If it is your site ,What you do?

I paid money for register domain name,If dreamhost
want to delete they should pay me.

If they do the right step like this I will not blame them.
1.Ask me for analyze first.
My web are bomb ?If not I can share my group
of members.There are many basic way to decrese

2.Pay money for upgrade to Dreamhost Strictly Business Enhanced plan.

Did they delete the site or did they just disable it? From the support message you quoted in your post, it sounds like they disabled it. What makes you think they deleted it?

Or, as is so often the case, is there more to it now? Were there some ToS issues? I don’t think it’s standard procedure at DreamHost to delete websites that have heavy traffic, but it’s certainly standard procedure to delete websites and accounts that were in violation of ToS.

Again, we need more information if we’re going to help explain the situation to you. We don’t want you to be like all the other people who’ve come on here to complain that their accounts were canceled due to high traffic (because they were running an open proxy or a free video upload site, etc, etc).

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When I see at manage domain I don’t see menu “Web ftp”,“ftp”.
But now after I e-mail to them.My menu already come
but still not work.So for now I e-mail to inform them again.

You see!! I lost my time how long I spend for contact them.
I will tell you when I can get back my site.
If it is your site, I believe you will feel like me.

For more information :
We use the site in Thailand,So I know the hand check
between user and server are spend long time . But
in the normal I have members online around 60-300 user per hour.
But yesterday before my site was deleted the user
online only 100 users.

My Idea is I think my site was bomb.How I can say
It is like a some body use program for attempt
refresh the site.Or they try to hack the site.

The end.
I can get back my web site at 12:00 (GMT +7).
Total my site down since yesterday until today around 36 Hr.

When I get back my site I login to told situation to my
member what is the problem and told how plan to do next.
I told them that now we are seeking new local server in Thailand. That will can solve hand check problem (traffic) between user and server.

You see!! I can check,I can decide,and I have time to
tell to my member.