My web site is down 16Hours. No help, no answer,

My web site is down 16Hours. I cannot receive from them any help more than 16 hours! I have opened 3 tickets. But no answer, No help. I in horror from this bad web host product and very bad customer service.

I have paid my money and received here a big problems and tortures

After 16 h. with problems and tortures have a respond message:

I checked the site and it is up and running after I made the update. I’m
not sure why your request was not answered sooner.

What was the “update”?

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see my response in the hijacked thread:

See my response:

Also I will migrate mine web site from here to more expensive but very best Germany or UK web hosting. I even for free of charge can not deal with guys is have spit to the customer instead of the help. And after that they offend the customer.

Good luck. Take it easy on your next host and in your relations with your peers and neighbors.

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This thread, and it’s sister thread, should be retitled. How does this sound:

“Pavel: Computer Learnings of DreamHost for Make Benefit Glorious Website of

… maybe some gypsy tears will make it all better.


Similarly to any customers I am very quiet if all is works well and you don’t ignore customer messages about help at 16 hours. Sending your customers to the another company you and your company owners risks to have fast this business down. Good luck.

Has your issue been resolved? We have been down for almost 24hrs without any resolution or no callback.

Very bad customer service!!!

Yes, today all is work. DreamHost have a very good data center rental, but here is absolutely not any customer service. My site was down 16 hours without any respond . One of these youths bragged here as it has ignored my 3 messages and trouble-tickets.

you realize…here…in the forum…is not support.

we are all customers. we try to help…but have absolutely nothing to do with support, or support tickets. the person who ignored…ignored your posts here…and does not work for dreamhost. Customers have NO obligation to help you in these forums…and rarely does dreamhost employees come here and answer questions.


have you put in a support ticket? dreamhost does not call back.

if you want any of DH customers to try to help…let us know your problem and a url to your site…but start your own thread…I imagine this one you may find no help on.

Awww, he called me “youth.” Thanks fella. Oh, and I wasn’t ignoring your messages and tickets. I was ignoring you. I don’t work here.


I has posts here after 15 hours of official tickets via web panel. And it action is has helped. It would be desirable to trust that these guys not from support. What he then ignored? I am here it is not caused.
Interestingly, many customers here like the any absence of contact with official support for 12-24h? Perhaps here is a sado-mazo computer club :-))
And at this photo: you see a DreamHost dormant customer support. Beautiful :slight_smile: hihi