My style sheet takes a second to kick in... why?

Sometimes I recieve feedback from different users of my website that the stylesheet takes a second to kick in. Meaning, the page shows up completely unformatted for about a half a second, then, the stylesheet is loaded. I tried it out on several machines and I was indeed able to reproduce the problem.

Here is the site, try it out for yourself:

Does anybody know why it happens? Or how to pevent the page from loading until after the style sheet is found?


I ended up finding the answer to my problem. It is a known issue called “Flash of Unstyled Content” (FOUC). For info/workaround, check here:


I have noticed a great increase of this since upgrading Safari to 1.3, even at sites that didn’t use to do this. Anyone else noticed this, or know why, what has changed about Safari and CSS?