My sites down! Still

My site has been down for almost 24 hours, and has been off and on before that for the last 3 days for 30mins to a hour at a time. My website is and I cant access the ftp too. Im on the jerky server.

Not much we can do here. We’re plain ol’ users, just like you. Have you submitted a support ticket?


Support tickets aren’t doing much good right now. I’ve had one with no reponse for more than 20 hours now and another that’s been ignored for going on 6. I’ve watched the number of open tickets drop substantially since my site went down nearly 24 hours ago and yet mine are still ignored.

i was hoping it a dreamhost support person would see it, they finaly answered my support tickets and said my site will be up in a hour!!

Yay dreamhost

great, they sent me a email 3 hours ago saying that it will be fixed in under a hour…

Ok you guys are pissing me off, its been 2 full days now and you keep sending me bullshit emails saying it will be up in a hour and its been 13 hours!!

And your support sucks, I wrote you another email with the problem and they replied just saying “Hello”. Why would you email me saying just “Hello” that dosnt foo fix my problem.

Everyone has dealt with this the last week, I don’t think screaming and cursing at them is goes to help your situation though, they might not even read this forum.

If that’s how your tickets to support are written, I don’t see how you can expect to be taken seriously.

Being a jackass here isn’t going to make anyone want to help you.

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