My Sites down again :-(


Hi, is anyone else having problems with their sites?

Mines been down a few times in the last couple of days.

I had a look on

but i couldnt see anything. Also, i can still access my FTP?

I think this is my server: ‘

Anyone else having any problems?


I was working through the night on one of my client’s accounts, and while I still had FTP, I ccouldn’t raise the site. (Server is guido)

traceroute took me 11 jumps to get to Dreamhost, and one of the Dreamhost Level 3 machines responded, but couldn’t pass me off to the server… Arguuuughhh!
–etc, etc,…

Edited @ 10:45 PST:

Working again now without me doing anything…I’m off to the status page to see if there is any news as to why.



Wierd… I can ftp, but can’t ping the http server. I can reach “mydomain.comn”, but not “”.

The user lives on quid, but with dynamic ip addresses, dataglobs, and symlinks in the mix I’m not 200% sure (yet) exactly where the borked subdomain lives.


My website went down last night at around 11:30pm-12am. I thought it would be up this morning but it’s still down :frowning:

It’s on the sawtelle servers.

I can still connect through ftp and download/upload but I can’t connect to my site. Does anyone know how long downtime usually lasts?


It came back on earley, but its been going on and off all day.

I dont make much on my site – but its all ads based! – i need my site up to make my money!!! :frowning:


my site never down again
it’s logged on
I’m very happy now
my server on jurupa
spend almost 5-20GB BW a day hahahahaha
I’m really2 happy

Since: April 18, 2006
Outages: 0
Total Uptime: 100.000%
Last Check: April 30, 2006 at 4:31 PM

Year Outages Uptime
2006 0 100.000%

Year Month Outages Uptime Downtime
2006 April 0 100.000% 0.000%



I am on foothill and I cannot get to any of my sites.

I can SSH and FTP in and my mail still works, but it appears that HTTP is down.


Update: from the DH status page:

Current system outages you are tracking:
Verified peon outage: [stop tracking], [stop tracking], [stop tracking]
37 mins 43 secs ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
40 mins 42 secs ago: Outage first reported.




I have been having some downtimes since I moved to dreamhost. I am hoping they fix this because its getting annoying…

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Fixed now, but absolutely no messages about it. That sure is annoying.

Good thing they have a new status site.


And down they go again.


Same here, sites been down all day. I can ftp, and email to the sites though.

Anyone from dreamhost reading this? Can we get an update?


I don’t see an immediate pattern from these posts. Were support requests submitted for the sites in question here? If you include your domain name in your post then I can find your account and the support message in our system. Please include as much information as you can for troubleshooting in your support message, such as which services it affects and which it doesn’t. Some of the posts here do provide good infomation, but since the forums are not directly linked to our support interface submitting a support message will get a much faster problem resolution time. Especially in cases where the problem is not system or even server wide.



I did submit support requests (well at least did the System Wide Tracking thingy) for my sites when I noticed they were down.

Everytime, the outage was confirmed, then just magically went away.

I am only frustrated at the lack of information, not the lack of support.


I havent tried to tell dreamhost about any of my problems - as it wasnt really an option on my last host, so didnt know if i should.

My site has been back up and down, but today, its actually too slow to use. :frowning:


Of-course you should! If your site is down, or is slower than expected, contact DreamHost so they can at least investigate the issue.

It may turn out to be something simple, like a piece of mis-configured or mal-functioning hardware that can be readily fixed.


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