My site wont load


I’m new. I bought a domain for a year at dreamhost + the hosting for a month. I did create a wordpress site on the dreamhost panel, but it has been more than 72h since i did it, and my site wont load. What am I missing??
On the page “Manage Domains”, it will show my domain , but under the column “Registration” it shows “Unknown”, is it a clue that I need to wait more time or…?

thanks a lot.

Open a ticket or chat with support, if you registered the domain with dreamhost, then there is something wrong if that column is showing “unkown”.

Hi Sind,

If you have not yet submitted a ticket for this and are still experiencing issues, please do so here:

If you’ve submitted a ticket and still need help please supply me with a ticket number so I can get it escalated for you. If it’s already been sorted out, great!

Let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile: