My site not displaying in Firefox, but IE is ok

I typically only use Firefox, limiting my use of Google products, and I prefer not to use I Explorer if possible.

I am going through a nice online WordPress course, and figured I might as well go live and work on real content while I do it.

When I log into my wp-login.php in Firefox, I get my Dashboard.

But I discovered that when I go to my site in Firefox, I still get the generic Dreamhost page with the starter links.

I do not get the WordPress toolbar, and do not see the simple text post I made to start things off.

If I log in via I Explorer I do see my test post under my web address and I do see my WordPress toolbar.

It has been ages since I updated my firefox or did any maintenance.

Is there some Firefox plugin required?


Clear the FF cache and update it to the latest version. No plug-ins are necessary.



You are the man!

Or the woman, if that happens to be the case. :slight_smile: