My site isn't working!

Hi all,

My site’s not coming up at all. I keep getting a “connection failure.” I haven’t updated or changed anything in a week, and it’s been working fine up until today. I have another site with dreamhost and it’s working OK…what the heck?!?

some more information could be handy…
url perhaps? what server are you on if you know?
connection failure could be a mysql problem.



I just deleted my domain ( from my hosting, and replaced it with another domain ( Can I do this? I already changed the DNS from my registar with my new domain. This was yesterday, I tried today to see if it was cleared up, but it seem as though, is not working, plus I can’t FTP into it NOR ping it. Have I screwed up somehow or am I missing something?

Please reply ASAP.
thank you
Stephen is there for me at the moment, empty tho


I cannot log into FTP to upload anything. an I can’t Ping it!



you may need to just wait if you’ve just registered it, it can take up to 72 for DNS to propagate.

someone tell me how to spell propagate! :wink:


LOL ok…

Usally it takes me 24hrs so I guess, seeing that I registered the name yesterday and change the DNS maybe thats why. But what I can’t understand is that usally you’re able to log into the FTP and upload stuff to the server, and when the DNS clears it will show what ever you uploaded.


I just did a WHOIS search at and it has the right DNS… now i’m worried



Caramba, good point. Yes you should be able to access your site that way, sounds like we need to discuss the manner in which you “deleted” your domain (and claimed the other)?

Did you do this in your ftp client or the Dreamhost web panel?

Have a read here:


I did it from the Panel …brb reading link


Yup i did that, and now nothing works =\

What should I do?


contact support :wink: