My site isn't showing up (DNS Problems?)

On Wednesday I bought the a hosting plan through DreamHost and updated my DNS info at my registrar. It took about 12 hours and the DNS info updated and can be found by doing a whois search.

As you can see, the DNS info is set to Dreamhost and has been since late Wednesday night / early Thursday morning… but my site still isn’t accessable.

I can log in through ftp by using the server, so I know something is working on this end… I just can’t seem to see my site.

they both produce 404’s for me. Any ideas?

If I try to ping the site, I get the following error:
ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

I want to get my site working as soon as possible. If anyone can help me out that would be great.

Yes, My site is listed as fully hosted and has been since yesterday afternoon.

I have gone through the control panel several times and dont see anything else there is to do on my part.

Are there any helpdesk people who could go through and just double check that everything is correct?

It seems to be a fairly general problem.

I signed up on Tuesday, and initially, DNS worked fine, but as of Wednesday, any changes (e.g. adding subdomains) never become active in DNS.

I asked Support about this, and (after >1 day!) they manually reloaded the DNS. That helped for outstanding changes, but a subdomain added after that has still not become active in DNS.

Also, my brother signed up yesterday and has the same experience as you: all OK in whois since yesterday evening, but nothing yet in DNS.

The “sub-domains” thread in this forum seems to describe the exact same issue.

I mailed Support (again) about this, no reply yet.

  • Michael

Damn, if you hear anything back let me know. It’s rather annoying not having my site up :frowning:

it might have nothing to do with dreamhost. if your ISP hasn’t updated it’s dns records then you won’t be able to see the site and someone whose ISP has updated their dns records can see your site

No, it’s definitely Dreamhost who’s having problems.

To get the DNS information straight from the horse’s mouth, do:

$ host

and you’ll see that, for this domain, Dreamhost knows nothing and sends you right back to the root servers.

  • Michael

Well, I haven’t heard anything, but the problems seem to be solved. My subdomains and your domain now resolve fine. :slight_smile:

  • Michael