My site is still very slow

hi, since DH db server’s HD crash, my site runs slowly for 4 days!! and database server sanspoof is very slow, my site almost read a page need 20 secs or more!!


should i upgrade my plan or something else? our member and reader all complain the speed, it never happend so badly before.

is anyone who can help about this?


Both your urls listed below are indeed loading too slowly to be considered usable for me. DNS lookup seems to be fine, though I am seeing some latency. It takes 19 hops for me from los angeles, with the last 8 hops on routers each having over 150ms response time, but the waiting for a page load is what is killing you.

Your database server sanspoof suffered a pretty severe failure (two drives failed at once) during the time frame you reported the speed issues. I’m thinking that maybe something was not properly restored, or needs to be tweaked, after the recovery/restoration. Since DH reports the machine as restored and back in normal service, but you are having this issue, I would generate a support ticket and have them look into it further.


thx rlparker

i found if the page is not related to database server, it runs fast, like

but, like
these are related to DB server, it is very very slow.

i ask Dreamhost try to solve the DB issue , hope that everything will be fine. = =

You are welcome, and I agree that is the database server, or DH’s internal link to it, that seems to be the source of the trouble.

I hope they are able to get it sorted out for you soon!