My site is not accessible thru only my PC - Certificate/DNS issue?

My site comes up for everyone but me on my local home PC (Windows 8.1). I was able to bring it up for several weeks while working on it; then when planning to go live, had to change the DNS info at the Registrar and installed Let’s Encrypt. Soon after these events, I could no longer bring up the site in any browser. I’ve cleared cache a 1000 times, flushed DNS, deleted/re-installed certs. Have even installed brand new browsers. All give same error about site name mismatch. Have changed the settings in IE/Chrome to ignore that - doesnt matter! the Cert was issued to: and the site is
Cert comes up as “OK” in popup. Very frustrating! I know windows 8 is a pain in the neck to begin with; this may be a sign to wipe the PC and upgrade to Win 10. (or a MAC???) When contacting DH support - they said “the certificate would happen when your computer is connecting to the wrong IP, like if you had DNS changes still pending.” Well its been like a week and a half. The rest of the world can bring up my site…but not me…

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


Hi Michele, thanks for sharing the full domain name of your site. I went to check it and I don’t see any error with the latest Firefox. The certificate looks fine, see:

Maybe it’s your local PC that has some issues resolving the website IP? Check that you have not hardcoded an IP address for, in /Windows/hosts file or somewhere else (I haven’t used Windows in 15 years, I don’t know where else it may hold an IP address resolution). Hope this helps.