My site is loading extremely slow


For the past few days, I have been experiencing an extremely slow loading of my website hosted on dreamhost with a domain name of:

Can the dreamhost staff member take a look?

Thank you!

There were some hung processes on the Apache service hosting I was able to clear them out and restart the Apache for you, and now your site is loading blazing fast! If it happens again, please submit a support ticket from the “Contact Support” link in your web panel; Our team will take another look. :slight_smile:

Would it be too much to ask Dreamhost to check for the recurrence of this problem automatically, instead of relying ~ totally, it seems ~ on feedback from customers?

Well, perhaps they already have approprate monitoring tools in place. But it certainly doesn’t seem like it. If they did, we wouldn’t keep hearing things like “For the past few days, I have been experiencing an extremely slow loading of my website” (emphasis added).

As we’ve established in several conversations here over the last six months, this problem has a very definite signature which is easily and reliably detectable by automatic monitoring tools, which can send an email to the appropriate person within minutes of the problem first arising.

We do check for the recurrence of these issues. :slight_smile: We have quite a bit of monitoring in place, but it mostly alerts admins to the general health of servers, not all the individual Apache services ON each server. We have thousands of servers with 10+ Apaches on each one; It’d be difficult. However, we have indeed seen a recent surge of issues with those services that we’re collecting data on and working to determine a root cause so we can begin patching things. We do apologize for the frustrating experience our customers have been having, and any further details that can be sent directly to support can be helpful in our troubleshooting (times of day, any patterns, steps to replicate if it applies, whether or not the slowness spans the same across all domains on their account or just specific ones, etc). It may or may not be related to the larger Apache situation we’re looking into, but the more detail you can provide to support, the better! If it’s been a recurring issue for you, we can offer a server move as well, just let us know.