My site is down in 2 mysterious ways

Was trying to do a custom installation of PHP5 to get around file size upload limits, following directions here (while updating the script):

I got it installed, but I was getting “Internal configuration” errors, then later a “Sorry, the site you requested has been disabled” error from my old host. I put in a support ticket, didn’t hear back, then “Internal configuration” returned, and soon after the “disabled” error returned.

The error logs show some “Directory index forbidden by Options directive:” errors. I assume these can only pertain to the “Internal configuration” errors, not the ones coming from the old host.

Really lost here. Here’s the URL, I’m not sure which message you’ll see there. Perhaps a new one!:

I’d guess the problem lays within your .htaccess file. Remove your edits and test site.

If you simply want access to a php.ini, see link below.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

That was one of the problems, yes. The other one (the one that brought up my former host’s page) disappeared somehow. Thanks!