My site has been down for more than 16 hours!


I have submitted 3 support tickets, and have gotton NO RESPONSE.

I make my living through my website, so this is unacceptable service. Finally,
I am requesting a “call-back” that is a pay for some service.

When will dreamhost call me back?

btw: I have done everything they suggested on their “suggestions” list - like
make sure there is no an emergency shutdown listed on their status page, make sure
my acct is up-so-date (paid for), etc… So the problem is NOT obvious.

I am VERY unhappy w/ the customer service. I CANNOT afford to have a website that
is down for more than 16 hours straight!



Sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing.
I see one of our techs is actively investigating your ticket & should be giving you a call back fairly shortly.
Sit tight! We plan to make things right!
I sincerely apologize for the service you have experienced thus far.
Justin H
DreamHost Staff


sXi and Justing,

My site was fine until yesterday afternoon.

The tech person at Dreamhost finally responded and told me that my acct is empty!
He said that there is not trace of any files being deleted or any other activity.
I asked to contact his manager.

His manager sent me the following email:

I am Ryan’s supervisor and he asked me to contact you regarding the
issues with your website’s data.

I see that about a month ago we moved your account to a new server and
based on your recent issues, the data for your domain was not migrated
over successfully. I apologize for this issue, as we strive to make our
server migrations as painless as possible, but that clearly wasn’t the
case this time.

As an apology for this, I have credited your account for 1 month of
service. I know this doesn’t make up for the downtime, but I do hope it

This does NOT make sense because I have been using my site w/ no problem
since yesterday afternoon.

I do not care about a 1 month credit. My site has been down for more than 20 hours
and I am losing my business.

I do have a backup of my site, but I cannot even ftp into my site. They
emailed me (minimal) instructions with a non-working userid!

I have been with Dreamhost for 2+ years but am totally losing faith.
What should I do? The last email from “support” I got said that it
might be upto 24 hours till I get another response.



[quote=“eyeswoon, post:3, topic:59182”]
sXi and Justing,

My site was fine until yesterday afternoon.

I do have a backup of my site, but I cannot even ftp into my site. They
emailed me (minimal) instructions with a non-working userid![/quote]

If you can log in to Panel…

Create a new SFTP user: Users > Manage Users > Add a New User

Wait about 5 minutes…

Then give the new user ownership of the Domain: Domains > Manage Domains

  • Click the EDIT button next to your domain name

  • Under “Users, Files, and Paths” you will see Run this domain under the user: (select your new user)

  • Click the Change Settings button

It might take a little while between creating the new user and being able to give it control of the domain, and it will take a bit longer before you can try logging in via SFTP. You should be able to have it all setup and your backed up files uploaded in around 30 minutes.


sXi and Justin,

It turns out that I do not have a backup :frowning:

But as a web hosting company Dreamhost must be doing backups. I put in another
support request for them to restore my website with their backup, but have
not heard from them.

It has been nearly 22 hours since my site disappeared. Does this happen
often? How long is it going to take for them to fix?

I have invested 2+ years into my website, all the time with Dreamhost,
and have never had such a problem.



I believe they do keep backups, although they are not guaranteed and we’re always advised to create our own. Hopefully they will have a backup of your account handy and can get the data put back onto your server. The waiting time for Support can be anywhere from an immediate response up to 24hrs. One thing they do offer that is reasonably new is that they’re contactable via Twitter and Facebook, so if you have an account on one of those Social Networks it might be another avenue for you to get in touch with them.


Twitter: @DreamHostCare (official technical support)


Im Sorry for any confusion this has caused. I escalated this issue and we are investigating this now. I will certainly keep you updated asap. Thanks for your patience.

Cedric H,
Dreamhost Staff