My site & FTP is down - anyone else?

Curious to know if other users are having a problem… maybe this is the 1% downtime :slight_smile:

It’ll probably be back up soon, but I thought I’d put it out there :slight_smile:


Nope. All is stable for all our client’s and our own sites.

zentao web design, graphic art and design at

zentao7, Gallery of Artists and Speculative Novel Writers Groups

If it’s still down, what’s your site?

Can you reach your server itself?

It’s back up now - thank you. And Dreamhost even sent me an email lastnight shortly afterwards alerting me - apparently my server’s circuit breaker had to be reset…

I didn’t check it till about 1am after my first post lastnight, but I have a feeling I was only down for a couple hours.

Thanks for your attention to this post! I’m up again! phew! :slight_smile: