My site and dreamhost largely inaccessable


Dreamhost (and the site it hosts for me, has been inaccessable (or at times slow to the point of failing to load any/all of the page) all morning (4/29).

I am assuming that this was a wide-spread problem DH is working on fixing as we speak, but I’m a little surprised to find no posts on it here.

DH, is it a database issue again? Do you have any eta for resolution?



Still down at 8PM eastern. Came up for a little bit during the afternoon and down again now. I’m on the Sake server. I’m assuming since is not up and running, its now maybe a localized problem?

Please acknowledge the continuing issue and let us know when you believe it will really be resolved.

This is a very rocky way to start my first few weeks of hosting with Dreamhost!


8:25 PM eastern, and my mail and domains are still down.