My sessions died on me?


For my main site, I use a login system that works with sessions to keep the users logged in and what not. However, today I noticed that my sessions aren’t working anymore. I have another sub site in a folder under my main site and it is having the same problem with the sessions. When you set them, they will allow that and stay whatever you set them to until you go to a new page or reload the current one and then the session just disappears.

I have a common page included in all my pages and at the very top of that page, I have session_start() which should allow the session to stay intact; however it’s not. Because this happened to both of my sites, it has led me to believe it’s a server change or something along those lines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on getting them back working, but like I said, they were working just fine and they just suddenly stopped. Is there some setting that changes that or something?