My server disappeared and can't access my control panel. Please help

Ok, I’m not a techy.
My website has disappeared and says that the server can’t be found. I am hosted by dream host, but I can’t log-in to my control panel, as it doesn’t recognise my email address. I have written to customer support, who has written an email back that simply re-prints my question and says “Thanks” with a signature.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can find out what happened to my site and how to get it back online? Is there a sneaky phone number I can call that isn’t on the Dreamhost main page, or anything.

My business depends on access to this site.

Is your account paid up? Are you sure you’re using the correct email to log in to the panel?

If you were accessing the server via, they did just move a bunch of accounts to new servers in a new data center so if you’re in that group, your server name would have changed. That doesn’t account for your site being offline tho…

Most of us are users, not dreamhost employee’s. Whats the domain name? maybe we can get some clues based on whois and DNS…