My rewards money is missing in dreamhost panel

i got rewards of $20 plus and i was waiting for dh to send it to my paypal a/c. i have even made the settings so that if i get more than $ 20 i would receive it in my paypal. today to my surprise the amount is missing in my dh panel and also it is not added to my paypal account. i do not know what to do.

i also see this in dh panel

but i haven’t receive it in my paypal a/c yet. please help me.

We can’t help you; we’re only customers here like yourself. :wink: . It seems to me from your post that what happened is pretty obvious:

The tendered the payment to you via PayPal, and PayPay, for what ever reason has not credited it to your account.

I’d write DreamHost, and confirm the details of the PayPay payment (via a support ticket), and then I’d get cracking on discussing the matter with PayPal. It could be something as simple a a payment posting lag, and then again it could be one of PayPal’s famous snafus.

You would not be the first who has had trouble getting PayPal to promptly and properly credit their account, though in this case I think you are over-reacting considerably. The panel indicates the payment was only forwarded to PayPal today, and the business day isn’t even over yet. PayPal may well post at the end of the business day, as do most “real” financial institutions.


That’s normal. It’s not instant and there can be a day or two lag… but if it says cashed out, it’s on the way.

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I believe that on the Panel, Rewards are cashed out at like 2am on the 1st. For me, they’ve always paid into my PayPal account on the first business day of the month.

Using history as a guide, I’d expect the payment to show up sometime tonight.

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I wonder what it would feel like to have rewards money coming in? Having never done that myself, it sounds like it might be fun! :slight_smile:


Hey, an update to the situation (well, at least my situation):

I’ve just seen my rewards accout cashout from the first of October disappear and reappear dated today for the full amount up through today. These funds have not yet arrived in my PayPal account. I’d guess that this payment will appear in PayPal before the end of the day.

To Robert: Rewards money is fun. It has that “free money” quality to it that makes me feel like spending it on luxuries like DreamHost PS.

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We had a “discussion” on this topic last night in IRC. I’d like to remind everyone that, while Rewards begin to be cashed out on the first of the month, it may take “a few days” to show up. I quote this directly from the wiki article: Rewards Cash Out

To elaborate on what exactly a “few” means, without using a dictionary reference, it typically refers to an amount between 3 and 9. So you can expect to see your Rewards between the first and the 10th of the month. Filing a ticket with support, specifically billing, over such an issue should relieve any other concerns you have over the matter.

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just now received the money in my paypal a/c. thank u for the replies.

You’re welcome! Mine just appeared in PayPal as well.

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… and now I’m feeling kinda left out! Waaaaah! :wink: