My Referral got lost in the mail

A friend recently told me he had signed up with DH and entered my email address as a referrer.

However, I haven’t had any notification from DH about this, nor can I see a reward.

I suspect that the email address he entered was one that is different from the one I used to sign up. Is there a way for me to prove that this address is mine and redeem my reward still, or is it lost?

you don’t get the referral until after your friend has been signed up for 90 days. dreamhost offers a 90 day money back guarantee which means he can cancell and get all of his money back. dreamhost won’t credit your account until that guarantee expires.

You don’t get the referral fee untill your friend stays in DH for 97 days. But you can see the referrals list via DH panel --> Home --> Rewards --> Referral Reports

You should see a referral listing here (shows pending)

If you don’t see any name there, it means you did not get the referral. It could be because your friend keyed in your email address wrongly. We can’t tell that. The only way is to check with DH support.

If you want to refer friends, I’ll suggest you to create a promo code. It is easier to remember.

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Okay, I have made a support request.

If I understand you correctly, the referral should show up right away, even if my account isn’t credited for another three months. Correct?

Yes, you will see the name (pending) in the referral report.

I’ll suggest you to check with your friend first. Make sure your friend keyed in your email correctly.

There should be no problem with the referral system in DH :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, he didn’t have to make a typo - it’s just that I have one address with my real name, which I use when I pay for stuff online, and one with my online handle (Arancaytar), which is also the only one he knows.

So it’d make sense for him to enter that address. Fortunately, I can send and receive mail there, so verification should be easy.

ok. let’s wait and see what DH says.

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Apparently I can get credited if he changes the email address to the right one (I didn’t know it could still be changed later…)

Anyway, now I want to know: If he can still change the email address, can he also change entirely and use a promo code I give him, or did that option disappear as soon as he made the first payment?

Do you mean the email address when you signed up? If so, yes, you can change the email address any time under Edit Profile section.

once the user creates an account, the user cannot change theh promo code any more. the promo code is only available for new users.

unless you close the account and sign up a totally new one.

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And that’s a SERIOUSLY bad idea.

It will really tick off DH staff. People have been “Banned for life” because of it.

So - don’t get any ideas. (grin)


somebody did that before but it will take a long time to re-do everything.

I think the best way is: both of you and your friend sent a ticket to DH support to clarify everything. it should be easy for DH to modify the record.

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I believe they recently started logging all domains that get hosted, then check against that list when a new account is opened, to keep people from trying to basically renew with a promo code.

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yes, that is correct. as DH states, users can’t transfer domain names among promotional plans. this is to prevent users to enjoy promo code discount using different accounts.

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