My /quickstart.html page gets hijacked no matter what I do!

It seems like none of my domains can have a real /quickstart.html page. I create two identical files in the web root directory called quickstart.html and quickstart2.html. When I visit /quickstart2.html in my browser everything works fine, but when I visit /quickstart.html I get DreamHost’s “[your domain] is almost here!” page.

/quickstart.html is the server default file. You will see the DH message until you edit the file with valid content. You may then need to reload the browser.

Another solution is to rename it to: index.html

DH changed the quick-start setup a few years ago. Below is a link about the issue. I don’t see any way now to use a quickstart.html file as an index. As @keyplyr suggests, you can use one of the default index file names, or define your own with a DirectoryIndex directive in an .htaccess file.

Just to clarify, this issue has nothing to do with indexes. A DirectoryIndex tells the server what to show when the browser loads a directory, like

In my case, the issue is that you can’t have a file called quickstart.html. So when I visit, it’ll display DreamHost’s “almost here!” and not the page I’d uploaded as quickstart.html. However, works as it should.

@keyplyr I did edit the file with valid content, I’m certain of it. I also made sure to wipe the browser cache, I even used a different browser. It’s definitely ignoring my content and showing the “almost here!” page.

Being a “default file” of sorts, it’s most likely an alias in the Apache config for all servers. As such, requests would be redirected without checking a web root for a file of the same name.

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