My questions ;)


I have a few questions:

Does dreamhost allow browser based games to be operated?

Does the One-Click Install feature also allow me to install multiple phpbb? Or would I have to add additional forums on my own (via SSH)?

For what reason, if any, would someone not want to use someone else’s promo code when signing up?

What text editors are on SSH? vi, pico?

Is it possible to install a secondary apache site and have it listen to a different port number?

Can I limit a FTP user to one directory and set a quota for it?

I have a domain name registered on godaddy. Is transfering it here as easy as it seems? Is there anything I need to know before doing that? Will there be much downtime? Do I need to remove the email forwarding I have made on godaddy or will those be transfered along with the domain?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


You mean like Flash or JS games? If so, then yes you should have no problems running these on your site(s).

Yes, you just need to specify a different root directory (and/or domain) and database for each install.

You will be unable to pay for your hosting using PayPal if you use a promo-code. Also, I don’t believe you can merge accounts if one of them was created using a promo-code (at least until the initial plan period has expired).

These are the only disadvantages I can think of.

Both VI and Pico are available through SSH, I am not sure about any others.

I don’t believe this is possible. However, you can host as many domains or sub-domains as you like under the one plan, but they will all be on port 80.

Yes. It is easier to create a sub-domain and give the user access to that, but with directory mapping you should be able to achieve what you want. You can also set separate disk quotas for all machine/ftp users.

The difficulty of transferring the domain will be determined by godaddy, there is not much you need to do on the DreamHost end. The alternative is to leave the registration at godaddy and host the site at DreamHost. You can do this by simply changing the nameservers over.

There shouldn’t be, but the downtime varies, depending on how quickly things propagate around the Internet.

If you fully transfer the domain to DreamHost, I imagine you will have to reconfigure your email forwarding using the Web Panel, this should be a relatively painless experience.

No problem, glad to help.


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I was under the impression that the original poster already had a promo-code from the person who referred them and was asking if using the promo-code would affect their level of service here at DreamHost.

If that was indeed their question, then the answer is that using a promo-code will not affect your service in any way, you will be treated exactly the same as a customer who did not use a promo-code (except for the points already mentioned).

I don’t think this would be too much of a disadvantage to the customer. :slight_smile:

After all, if DreamHost did not want potential customers to use promo-codes then they would not give existing customers the ability to create them. In fact, promo-codes now seem to be the DreamHost preferred method of referring customers. A quote from the rewards section of the Web Admin Panel;

[color=#0000CC]“We highly recommend you make promo codes and give those to people you refer… it’s the best way to be sure you get credit!”[/color]

The highlighting of the word ‘highly’ is their doing, not mine. :slight_smile:

Gee, I didn’t realise we had access to so many text editors. DreamHost seems to have everyone covered in this respect.


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I would have thought that DreamHost gets a ‘reward’ regardless of whether the customer uses a promo-code or not. After all, they get a new customer, at least some cash and the potential for greater earnings in the future.

I have no doubt the financial boffins at DreamHost would have studied all the relevant numbers before introducing the current referral system and that their business model is sound.


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