My Questions to DH

Dear Staff,

I am really interesting to DH service so far. I’m planning to join the Level 3 of your hosting plan. However, I have some important questions regarding serious about your hosting service.

My site is average Vietnamese Entertainment site and having some couple different entertainment sections, but don’t worry We are not upload any .mp3 music or any heavy software. But there are only some .wma files (not alot, under 50 files I believe), because most of the other files we’re using outside source upload only.

  1. We have a large forum growing with nearly 40,000 members and about nearly 200,000 posts. So I believe our database for this forums is so far around 175MB. (We are using IBF - Invision board nearly latest version)

  2. We have a Music section, it’s mostly lyrics and .wma listen online music, as I said most of them are hosted from outside (I’m not plan to host in our server, because I know it’s going to be slow down)

  3. We have a Ecard/Greetings section, which in this holiday season there are about 500 - 1000 ecard sending out / daily, but we limited only 20 cards can send out / hour . In the other month, it’s only about 50 - 100 cards send out/daily

  4. We have a Dating section with have about nearly 20,000 members in database.

So total overall our average unique visitors daily is about 2,500 - 3,000 people. Monthly is over 30,000 unique visitors and about over 5 millions page hits/impression per monthly .


  1. Can your server handle this type of web site?

  2. For some reason, I’m not really know why or our programmer still haven’t find any reason why that sometime the CPU load go up to 5 - 10. Example: our currently host is run total 4 cpu on their server, but in this month I mean it just happen few day ago, our cpu is up to 5-10 out of 4 cpu. However, before that never happen, it’s always under 2-3 cpu, even 1. So my question is, what do you think about this issue? can your host service run this type problem or in another word “Handle” ? Please be honest about this.

  3. How much RAM do you have on your service?

That’s all my concerns, and please help me to answer it before I’m decide to join in a long term with your service.

Hi Frank and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Firstly, I should point out that this is primarily a customer to customer forum. Some DreamHost staff do post here on a semi-regular basis, but this is not the best place to ask questions directly of DreamHost, for that I suggest you use the contact form linked below;

Having said this, I will try to answer your questions as best I can.

To be honest, I don’t really think any shared hosting arrangment is suitable for your site. Perhaps you should be looking at purchasing some kind of dedicated server for your site.

DreamHost no longer has a hard limit on CPU usage. Basically, unless your site is using enough resources to affect other customers on your shared host then you should be OK. However, it does sound like your particular site will likely cause problems for other customers on your server, if not immediately, then perhaps as it grows.

The RAM in each server varies, but I can tell you that my particular server has 3GB.

By the way, you refer to the level 3 plan as a ‘Reseller host plan’, this is not strictly correct. DreamHost does not sell a plan specifically for re-sellers, but they do not restrict customers from re-selling any of their plans.


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Thank you Mark, I have sent you an email about this topic.

No problem Frank, I’m sorry I couldn’t be more positive in my reply, but I personally don’t think that shared hosting is a suitable solution for your site.

I know that dedicated hosting is relatively expensive, but perhaps you can monetize your site enough to pay for this.

I am not sure if you mean you have sent me an email, or if you have sent an email to DreamHost using the form linked in my previous post, somehow I think you meant the latter. Of-course, you are welcome to send me an email, but I don’t think I can add much more than I have already written. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


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I’m sorry, I think by replied your previous msg. As personally I don’t understand why if a service can offering this large amount shared hosting, then why can’t handle of a site like this. Then you guy always want to handle such as small site ? then why give out the large amount use for nothing ? anyway that was just my personal thought.

But I think D.H is a great service, I think I will consideration to give it a try to see if this can work for both.

Thanks Mark.

Your site may very well be fine here at DreamHost, I was just offering my personal opinion. I know that if I had a site as popular as yours I would definitely be looking at hosting it on a dedicated box, if only to prevent any possible problems from taking the site offline. As I said, this is only my personal opinion, the reply you receive from DreamHost will give you the definitive answer.

I should point out, if it is not already obvious, that I am not an employee of DreamHost, I am simply a customer like most others on these forums.

I suggest you wait until you hear back from DreamHost before making a decision, they are in the best position to say for sure if their services would be suitable for you.

You are more than welcome. :slight_smile:


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Hello Frank,

Disk space and bandwith aren’t the only important factors. The usage and server load that some scripts make are crucial. So it’s difficult to guess if you will be ok or not…

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