My PHP pages will not load

Hi there…

Since this morning, none of my PHP (my Database pages) pages will load. However, the
root directory, which is just a HTM page, will load.


DB (PHP pages)

I’m needing help.


It isnt the PHP, the phpmyadmin doesnt work :confused:

It doesnt work since this morning… Hope it’ll be fixed ASAP :slight_smile:

phpMyAdmin’s been up all day for me, so that may not be the above poster’s problem… phpMyAdmin in and of itself not working shouldn’t break any sites, anyway.

The sites seem to load fine for me. :slight_smile:

hey there…

you seem to be able to load fine?

it’s still not working here :frowning:

Getting a blank page. Did you turn off display_errors?

Yeah, it loads fine for me, no errors.