My page being downloaded in web browser

Hi guys,

Somehow there is always a popup prompt for download when someone visits my site via web browsers, it happens in all the browsers I tested (IE,FF,Safari…), here’s the site in question:

I haven’t changed anything on it for the past few months, the site has been fine and this just happens out of nowhere.

Anyone here knows what this bug is and how to fix it?


24 hours and no sight of any support despite the fact that my site is being inaccessible.

Very confusing to figure out with out seeing the actual files.
I allowed it to download to see what I get. From what I can tell the file is a standard xhtml file but why it is named with the extention of .part I do not know.
Take a look at your directory and see if you can find that file listed. Then download the index.html file and view it with a text editor. See if the code is the same as you wrote.
Next thing is to look for a htaccess file using a ftp editor that can see hidden files. Unless you specifically need the htaccess file go ahead and delete it from the directory.

My website

Yes I tried these a few times already:

  • Replace the html page with the original offline version.
  • Delete .htaccess, clear browser’s cache and reload the page.
  • Change the .html file to several other extensions.

Yet nothing change.

The thing is I’ve always had it working fine for months, and this only happens in the last couple of days.

My best guess is they recently setup some new setting on the server and it mess up this domain… There was also a bug about a week ago that affected all of my PHP sites, I was able to fix it myself but this time it’s really out of my reach.

I recommend that you submit a support claim. I am wondering if DH had changed something on your server that effected the mime type.
Hopefully they can give you some ideas, good luck…

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