My old host is dead

I registered my domain through my old host, who registered it through GoDaddy, but I don’t have the login details to login to GoDaddy and change the nameservers so I can use it with DreamHost.

Also, this domain with expire in about a month, will I be able to renew it through DreamHost for free?

If it is a .com, .net or .org domain if it expires you will have a lot of problems getting it back. Are you listed as the whois contact? If so I would email godaddy today and ask them what they need to get control of the domain back to you

If a) you have access to the Admin Contact e-mail AND b) the domain is NOT locked, then you shouldn’t have much problem transferring it away from the current registrar; but then GoDaddy is not particularly a transfer-friendly registrar. Good luck.

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I have the same problem. I think I am in the whois (I hope). But you said if it expires, there’ll be a lot of problems getting it back…why? Don’t you just wait for it to recycle and if no one has grabbed it, you can take it again, right?


You can check if you are listed as the administrative contact by going to

If you are listed as the administrative contact (your e-mail), then you can transfer the domain to DreamHost (if it is at least 7 days from expiration)

If you’re not listed, then you should probably contact your old host, and attempt to get them to 1) push the domain to your GoDaddy account, or 2) just wait for it to expire

If you allow it to expire, you’ll have to wait for the “grace period” to pass which is normally 45 days, then redemption period, which is normally 30 days, then pending delete which is about 7 days.

If you name is a “good name”, then be wary that someone might snap it with a backordering service, such as,,, etc.

If the name is really important to you, then consider backordering it with one of the services stated above. Even better, you can sign up for where GoDaddy auctions off expired domains before it enters redemption period (requires membership fee you need to bid for the domains)

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