My main domain isn't pointing to my site anymore!


I just noticed recently that my main domain is no longer loading my dreamhost site, but is instead somehow redirected to my DDNS address! But only the www. domain is redirected, and simply going to my site without www. in front of it works (kind of). loads (aside from all of the images and css that points to directly) goes to my private DDNS (

Why is this? I have checked the address by pinging the addresses from both my home computer and from an ssh login to my dreamhost account, and both demonstrate the same problem!


Hmm. It looks to me like you’ve got a CNAME entry in your DNS records for

Check out your DNS records by clicking on the DNS link in “Domains>Manage Domains” in the Web Panel for Do you see an entry for www? What is it? Are there any other CNAME entries?

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gah, I do! I remember requesting something about this a LONG time ago, but I don’t remember it being a problem before. I jumped the gun and went and deleted that CNAME for www. Hopefully that will fix it!