My large files download at 0bytes everytime

Hey Guys,

As mentioned above every time i download a file from my website it downloads nothing of it. takes 1 sec and the downloads complete, when i try to open it, it then fails to open as well. This issue has really confused me and i think i need some help. you can visit us a you must register first before you can download, then make yourself towards the downloads section and download a file to see what i mean.

Any help at this point is appreciated

Thanks in advance

I’m willing to take a look and see if I can help, but I won’t register in order to do so…if you want to set up a temporary account for troubleshooting/evaluation purposes, and post that link here, I’d be happy to take a look though.

It’s not really very reasonable that you would expect someone to register to help you troubleshoot your site. :wink:


I did take a look at the “public” portions of your site and noticed that the files for download are listed as having 0 bytes in the directory.

At least your PHP-Nuke download section also “thinks” the files are “0 bytes” in size. Have you you actually checked the filesize of these files via the shell to see how large the versions of the files that are are actually on the server really are?