My ip address?

I don’t yet have my domain transferred. So how do I figure out what my ip address is?

It’ll show up in your DNS listing if you go to Domains -> Manage Domains and click DNS. Or try this:


Thanks Scott,
When I go to Domains -> Manage Domains and click DNS, there’s not much there, probably because my domain is still registered elsewhere. I get the big scary “Advanced users only” message, and it lists the Dreamhost nameservers down at the bottom, but no actual DNS info in between.

The wiki page is very helpful. I managed to config a subdomain. Then when I go edit the subdomain DNS, I get the ip address I can use to update my DNS.

Thanks a bunch!

Now I need to know the ip addres of my sql server. All I can tell so far is that it’s “leghorn:khamvongsa” and that it’s not the same ip as my webserver.

any suggestions?


(may need to add your IP to your DataBase whitelist).

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Thanks for the reply Sxi,

But is not set up in my external DNS yet. I need to know the ip first and then I can set it up.

Anyway, I figured it out. Even though my dns is elsewhere (while my domain transfers), I can still go to the dreamhost dns config page and see what dreamhost has listed for