My .htaccess pages disapear?


Hi guys,

my site uses a few differnt .htaccess pages around the place to limit what can be downloaded, and set up for WAP (WML) access

But my .htaccess files are no longer being taken via FTP (im not even sure if they ever were)

So i FTP them over, and they just dont appear on the server.

Im using WS_FTP Pro

Any ideas?

Thanks very much.



WS_FTP? There’s a field between those command buttons, just enter -al on it and you 'll be able to see your htaccess

[color=#CC0000]Edit:[/color] actually you only need -a to show all files.

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Cheers Zen. That worked great.

Too bad it didnt help my wap site. lol

I carnt understand it, it worked fine on my other host.

Cheers man.