My God,My account has disabled,Why?please help me!

My God!
My account has disabled in May 2rd, 2009.

I have not received any notice email.

I have open 2 tickets #3087407 and #3086561.

but have past 1 day 17 hours,

no reply!

what reason is it?

my all website/email/ftp can’t use.all my data can’t backup.

please help me open my account!!!

and tell me reason.

thank you very much!!!

thank you very much!!!

Log into the panel and check Support -> Support History. I’ve never heard of an account getting disabled without an email notice.


This is my confusion.
I reviced last dreamhost mail is
’ from DreamHost (Apr 18th, 2009 - 10:32:45 / #25391465)
Subject: Our final offer… DreamHost PS for 66% off!'
in Support -> Support History.

I am very anxious, I do not know why is it so.

I have open 3 ticket in past 48 hours.but no reply.

who have his tel number? I want to call dreamhost.

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Is it possible that you have been exceeding resource allocations? I have previously heard of DreamHost insisting that customers with particularly resource-intensive websites purchase DreamHost PS packages. Perhaps this is the case here?

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I doubt it. I keep getting those same offers.


I have open 3 ticket in past 2 day 16 hours.
but no reply.