My Folders & Files Are Visible ... Help!

Okay … if a visitor to my site (call it knows the name of a webpage (because it’s clearly stated at the top … say HOME) it’s no problem for him or her to go to, access the folder and download my original graphics files.

(I know this because I just tried it with two different browsers.)

Call me retentive or what you will, but I’d this stuff kept confidential. Re-naming the folder of course results in broken links.

What to do?

You need to set up an .htaccess file to make the folder private this can be done from the panel.

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Although creating a .htaccess file is best,but simplest way to hide your documents is to create a index.html file on that directory. If it needs do with many directories than again its a bit hassle.

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Thanks to both of you. I already have an “index.html” file (that’s the one that shows up as the HOME page online and where incoming visitors are defaulted to, and whose associated files are in the “HOME_files” folder).

I’ve googled “.htaccess file” and there seems to be plenty of information on the subject. I’ve frankly never heard of such a thing before. I’m going to see if there’s a tutorial online here are DreamHost as well. However, if you have any pointers, simple hints, anything to flatten the learning curve feel free to share.

htaccess file is very useful for people to manage a website. You can protect your folders. You can refer to wiki for more information. I feel this article is good.

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It’s great. And thankee much. I wouldn’t have suspected that people might muck around behind the scenes at websites if I hadn’t discovered a long time ago how easy it is to do. Just keep deleting stuff on the address line and you can hit on all sorts of files.

I know it can be done on my little site. What’s annoying is that the same procedure doesn’t work on genuinely professional sites.