My first experience with dreamhost is crashed


I have just registered and purchased a web hosting package. I got an promo code from this page:

I have entered my credit card data and dreamhost only charged my for 11.95 dollars.

I have picked a domain because the page said it was free.

Total payment must be 29 dollars. Dreamhost charged my for 11.95 and now, when i login my account, i see that there are 107 more dollars to pay. What is wrong with you DreamHost?

The deal was 29.95 dollars. I have seen this from the starting page to the payment page. How can you request 107 dollars more?

And you have charged my for 11.95 dollars, you havent registered my domain yet.

No domain, no hosting but you have charged 11.95 dollars. You also want to charge 107 $ more.

Please solve my problem. I want a hosting with 29.95 dollars and domain included (for free). That’s what the discount promo page said.

Hi there!

I’m sorry your first experience with DreamHost was not a good one. :confused: As our Approvals team member mentioned in her email, unfortunately the promo code is not available in your region. Truly sorry for any inconvenience/frustration this has caused. Your account has been canceled and you have been refunded per your request. If you still need anything from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team again. We’re happy to help!


I have the same problem. After I registered from your promotion ads in Twitter, I was charge $11.95. In your webpage it was stated that this price includes an one year of VPS hosting with one free domain registration.

But after one month I received a payment due amount of $119.40 as well as other VPS charges.

Please check what’s wrong.